Arnošt Goldflam: The Material He Has

Born in 1964 in Brno. He did not finish his medical science studies, instead he graduated in dramatic direction at Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Brno. Among his occupations are theatre and film acting, directing, writing short stories, fairy tales and dramatic texts, and working for television and radio. He has written over twenty books (most recently Příhoda málo uvěřitelná [A Fortuity Unbelievable], 2016, Horror a další hrůzy [Horror Stories and Other Horrors], 2016, 3×Agátka Kulhánková [Agátka Kulhánková 3 times], 2016). “After all, one can only work with the material he has. You hardly go beyond your experience and knowledge. I like to take things I pick up by watching, things I saw myself or those experienced by my dearest ones,” he says.